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Scrub clearance
We can carry out small and large scale scrub clearance on wet and dry sites. The methods used to clear scrub are site dependent and may involve a combination of chainsaws, brushcutters and excavators with shears or grapples. Cut material can be burnt, with removal of ash, stacked or chipped. All burning operations are carried out adhering to the conditions of the appropriate Environment Agency registered waste exemption. Felling is undertaken in accordance with a felling licence if required.

If the cleared material can be left in situ we can offer a range of mulching options from compact wheeled or rubber tracked machines for sensitve or restricted access areas; or excavator and conventional reverse drive tractor mulchers.

Stumps can either be treated with a herbicide to prevent regrowth or ground. We can offer stump grinding with either a tractor mounted grinder or excavator mounted grinder.

Typical sites include clearance for heathland restoration or post clearance heathland maintenance and wetland restoration on fens, marshes and broadshore habitats.

Hand and Machine Dry Scrub Clearance

Clearing saw felling alder regeneration
Felling pine
Scrub cleared around a pingo
Loading brash with excavator and grapple
Excavator stacking timber
Nisular shears clearing gorse
Gierkink felling head
Farma shears cutting hawthorn
Fixed grapple and gorse clearance
Burning gorse
Burning birch scrub

Wet Scrub Clearance

Wetland scrub clearance
Coppicing crack willow
Burning felled crack williow
Scrub clearance in pingo
Cleared wet scrub
Treated stumps
Wet scrub clearance with excavators on mats
Wet scrub clearance with excvator on mats
Felled alder


Pasquali and Seppi mulcher
Mulching gorse
Mulching bramble
AHWi mulcher

Stump Grinding

Ahwi stump grinder
Birdeye stump grinder
AHWI stump grinder


Chipping birch brash
Chipping hawthorn brash
Chipping coppiced hedgerow brash
Hand chipping pine
Hand chipping birch
Lasco cone splitter and pine