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We have a comprehensive range of machinery to enable us to effectively carry out our work. We regularly reinvest allowing us to expand and improve the services we can offer. Below is a summary of our machinery. Please contact us if you would like further details and specifications.


We have excavators from 2.5t to 25t in weight including a 7.5t long reach excavator on wide tracks for wetland work. A number of our machines are fitted with tiltrotators.

Daewoo SL130, Doosan DX140 and DX235
Daewoo S75 long reach
Doosan DX235

Excavator Attachments

Attachments include standard buckets, tilt buckets, ripper tooth for stump removal, stump grinder, reciprocating cutter, mulcher, flail mower, fixed grapples, rotating grapples, tree shears, chainsaw felling head, auger, post knocker, cone splitter and landrakes. 

Engcon tiltrotator

Birdeye 500 stumpgrinder
Doosan DX85 and AHWI M450e-900
Clark Forestry grab
Gierkink GMT035

JCB 802 Super and Nisula 150E


Our tractors range from 22HP to 250HP. Most of the tractors have reverse drive allowing activities such as mulching to be easily carried out.

Kubota BX2200 and Ryetec 1200C

Paquali Orion 8.95RS and Seppi Miniforst 150FK
Valtra N123
Valtra T202
Valtra T234

Valtra T234

Forestry and Woodland

We have a 360mm diameter capacity chipper fitted with an 8.6m reach crane and smaller hand fed brushwood chippers; excavator and tractor mounted stump grinders: tractor, skid steer and excavator mounted mulchers; tractor skidder grapples and winches; and tractor and compact tractor forwarding trailers.

Jenz HM 360 and Richard Western SL12

BigAb hook lift trailer
AHWI M500-2300
Seppi Miniforst 150FK

Krpan KL2500T

Vegetation Management and Mowers

The machinery we have for cutting and collecting includes a flail vacuum system and a range of sizes of flail collectors. We have different sized flails and mulchers to fit varying sizes of carriers.

Votex Roadmaster FT07

Votex Landmaster 275
Votex FU shredder
Ryetec C2000CHS
Kubota F3890

Valtra N123

Tracked Machines

Tracked machines include a amphibious Hagglunds BV206, a Kubota tracked dumper and Bobcat tracked loader.


Hagglunds BV206

Kubota RG30
Bobcat T770

Other Machines and Access

Other machinery includes rotovators, weedwiper, seed harvester, post knockers and post hole borers  We have wooden and plastic bog mats for machine access on difficult ground conditions and modular floats for temporary bridging across water bodies.

Ortalan rotovator

Edlington Weedswiper
Kinghitter Series 3
Track barrow
Herbst low loader trailer