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Heathland management
Heathland Restoration

Our heathland restoration work may start with tree and scrub clearance. This can involve timber extraction, chipping or mulching of brash followed by stump grinding or stump removal. We have tractor and excavator mounted stump grinders. Following stump grinding litter stripping is usually undertaken using excavators. We carry out litter stripping using excavators with tiltrotators or tilt buckets to allow us to sensitively remove the litter and turf and ensure that the exisitng topography remains intact. This also reduces the impact on underlying unkown archaeology. Material from the litter stripping is then either directly placed on bunds or hauled to disposal locations with dumpers. Haulage of spoil is carried out in a manner as to restrict rutting and excessive ground damage. We regularly use dumpers with low ground pressure tyres to reduce the impact.

Many of the heathland sites we work on have a varied history from early periods up to more recent military use. We take extreme care to ensure archaeology isn't damaged and that the risk from unexploded ordnance is mitigated. This can involve working with the client and employing the services of an archaeologist and companies to investigate the presence of ordnance.

We can seed heathland after restoration with either flail collected vegetation or collected seed from a donor site. We have machinery suitable for both methods of seed collection.

Heathland Maintenance

Whether we have restored a heathland or are working on an existing heathland we can offer post restoration and routine maintenance. This may include scattered scrub clearance, cutting and collecting of vegetation, herbicide application and ground disturbance.


Heathland Restoration

Pine clearfell
Jenz HM360 brash chipping
Timber extraction
Pine clearfell before restoration Brash chipping Timber extraction
AHWI SF900 stump grinder
Digbits ripper tooth
Birdeye 500 stump frinder
Tractor mounted stump grinding Stump extraction Excavator mounted stump grinding
Valtra T234 and AHWI M500-2300 mulcher
Loading dumper
Brash, stump and scrub mulching Litter loading Tracking in profiled litter bund
Litter stripping
Dumper tipping
Profiled litter bund
Litter stripping
Unloading litter
Profiled litter bund
Restored heathland
Restoration of Croxton Heath


Heathland Maintenance

Mulching gorse
Vacuum track
Chipping gorse
Mulching gorse Vacuuming mulched gorse Chipping scattered cut gorse
Moving cut gorse
Reciprocating cutting of gorse
Burning gorse
Moving cut gorse with Pasquali and buck rake Cutting and windrowing gorse with Berky reciprocating cutter Loading and burning cut gorse with excavator and fire sledge
Mulching scrub
Flail collecting gorse
Bracken spraying
Mulching scrub regrowth with compact tractor on archaeological feature Flail collecting of gorse regrowth Spot spray bracken on restored heathland
Flail vacuuming
Loading stumps with timber crane
Heather seed harvesting
Cutting and collecting an area of arable conversion to heathland
Stump clearance from an area of deep ploughed heathland
Brushcollecting heather seed