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Wetland management
Wetland management services we can provide include:-

Pond Creation and Restoration

Slubbung out pond
Turf pond
Slubbing out pond
Turf pond creation using 2.5t excavator on plastic mats
Cleaning out silted up pond
Vegetation removal from pond using 7.5t long reach excavator
Restored pond
Slubbing out pond
Restored pond
Restoration of farm ponds for great crested newt habitat


Wetland Creation and Restoration

Excavating a scrape
Excavating a scrape
Completed scrape
Scrape creation at three sites along the Little Ouse valley
Cleaned out foot drain
Foot drain
Footdrain excavation
Ditch and footdrain creation
Wetland creation
Wetland creation
Created wetland
Wetland creation at Hilgay, Norfolk. Third image is the area one year after water levels were increased
Excavator crossing Little Ouse
Ditch excavations
Tracked dumper
Long reach crossing Little Ouse
Footdrain creation under archaeological supervision
Tracked dumper being used for scrape spoil haulage


River, Lake Restoration and Erosion Control

Erosion control
Erosion control
River restoration
Coir mat and hazel brash bundle installation for erosion control on acid bog in North Norfolk
Installation of flow deflector for river restoration


Water Control Structures

Drop board sluice
Replacing headwalls of leaking culvert using laminated oak timber
Timber water control structure with drop board sluice
Replacement of culvert and pipe
Ditch blocking
Drop board sluice
In-house fabricated replacement sluice on lake
Blocking drainage ditch on seepage zone of valley fen using steel sheets
Retro fitting of fabricated drop board sluice on exitsting culvert


Wetland Vegetation and Scrub Management

Rotation sedge cutting
Scattered scrub cleraance
Wet scrub clearance
Rotation sedge mowing
Scattered scrub clearance
Scrub clearance on valley fen seepage zone


Water Level Monitoring

We can install water monitoring infrastructure and carry out routing water monitoring and collection of data.

Dipwell transect
Dipwell transect
Gauge board
Dipwell transects on the Broads to monitor water level changes between the upland, catchment dyke and fen community
Gauge board in Broadland dyke