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Invasive species control
We have the equipment to apply herbicide for scrub and weed control by knapsack sprayers, spray tank with wanderhoses for spot treatment and tractor mounted weedwiping. Our weedwiping is undertaken using GPS to provide accurate and efficient application of the herbicide. Typical species we control include ragwort, bracken, Japanense knotweed, gorse and birch regrowth, rhododendrona and wood small reed grass.

For certain invasive species where herbicide application is not viable other methods may be used for example filling of ponds for Crassula control

Filling Crassula pond
Cut Japanese knotweed
Burning cut Japanese knotweed
Spraying warning sign
Knapsack spraying of bracken
Spray track
Weedwiping ragwort
Dead ragwort
Weedwiped ragwort
Giant hogweed
Sprayed giant hogweed